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Ghost Wrestler, by Paul Moore

Ghost Wrestler, by Paul Moore
Silver Medal, Cowboy Artists of America Show 2011
24" TruForm Figure Armature System


TruForm clay sculpture armatures are widely becoming one of the best tools for sculpting in oil-based and polymer clays. TruForm armatures were created by professional sculptors with the goal of providing clay modeling sculptors of all levels with the most innovative sculpture armature concept on the market. TruForm armatures are proven to enhance the entire sculpting experience.

TruForm Armature systems allow the sculptor to visualize, or actually "see", the composition and significant gesture of the sculpture before applying any clay.

At TruForm Armatures we believe that "Time Is Money" and that we will save you both the time and money when you utilize our clay sculpting products. You will spend more of your time actually creating art and less of your time consumed with the mechanical and construction elements.

We provide great service, the best products on the market and are available for questions and comments at any time.


The new armature system developed by TruForm Armatures is not only beneficial for students in helping them see the human form and movement before they apply their first piece of clay, but it is tremendously beneficial for the professional artist as well. I have used this system on several of my sculptures and it has allowed me to save valuable time in blocking out my work. I believe this system is the best design in armatures that I have seen in the past twenty years.

Paul Moore
Cowboy Artists of America, Fellow National Sculpture Society

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