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Equine Pro Armature System

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Product Description

The TruForm Equine Pro Armature System is the most advanced clay sculpture armature system on the market for clay modeling. Our horse armature moves anatomically correct in every position. We are fortunate to have Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine for skeletal reference and some of the most talented equine sculptors in the country to test our armatures. Our horse armature is made of the same durable materials as our Truform figure sculpture armatures. Each of our Equine Armature Systems come in two models — the rigid ribcage and the flex ribcage. The rigid ribcage is made of rigid foam that will not flex side to side and is best if your horse is moving in a straight line. Our flex ribcage is made to flex like the real ribcage and is best if you intend to have alot of action. The pelvis and extremities are made of urethane plastic and the head of urethane foam. The skeleton can be raised at the center pipe by a t-screw adjustment. Our TruForm Equine Pro is 1/4 scale (15" at the withers) and 1/6 scale ( 10" at the withers) to a 15–15.2 hands high quarter horse. This scale compliments our 18" and 12" individual figure armature. The bones can be lengthened at the femur, pelvis and cannon bones. All parts will be replaceable and can be found on our parts page. 1/3 scale coming soon.Our sculpture armatures are for clay models to be cast in bronze or similar permanent material and can be used with any type oil-based clay.    

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“I have been sculpting horses and teaching ‘Sculpting the Horse’ for four decades. I have measured many different breeds and have used these measurements to teach an armature system consisting of a pipe support and sculpting wire that was bent at the point of articulation between each joint. A skeleton was then loosely sculpted over the wire in order to establish the various positions. The TruForm Equine Armature System is based on the same principal but has the added advantage of providing a solid white skeleton that cannot be accidently scraped away during the sculpting process,but can be revealed to verify that the exterior profile and planes are accurate. This has provided me with freedom from constantly remeasuring to make sure I have not lost skeletal structure or symmetry. An unexpected and very welcome bonus is that I am able to fall into deep ‘right brained thinking’ without being concerned with losing the foundation. This is the most fun I have had sculpting in years! Thank you, TruForm!”

Veryl Goodnight

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