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The Stickball Game by Paul Moore, Truform Figure Armatures

The Stickball Game
by Paul Moore

24" TruForm Figure
Armature Systems

TruForm Armature products are widely becoming one of the best tools for sculpting in oil-based and polymer clays. Our clay sculpture armatures are made of urethane foam and a durable plastic. The head and ribcage can be altered by using a round file, if necessary, during the gestural phase. The pelvis and extremities are made of a durable plastic on the 18" and 24" models and a very rigid urethane foam on the 36" model. One of the key elements of the TruForm Armature system is the aluminum wire inserts in the joints and all parts can be removed or replaced. The TruForm Armature system can be reused and any part you may need can be found on our Parts and Accessories pages. Figures are scaled to an ideal 8 head figure.  7 1/2 head legs coming soon. All clay sculpture armature products can be used with any type oil-based modeling clay.

12" - For those who like to work small. This model has wire extremities only.

18" - Best for professionals who work on smaller pieces and sculpt "tight" in detail.

        The 18" has wire arms only.

24" - Ideal size. Easy to use. Best for the student or everyday professional.

36" - Makes the sculptors job easy. Great for large projects. Maquettes to Monuments. 

PLEASE NOTE: We take every effort to provide a professional product, however, due to handling the plastic parts and aluminum wire during assembly, you may notice a slight metallic residue on the figure.